Saturday, June 18, 2011

Emergency Helpline Works!!! Help someone in need please!!!

It was June 9th 2011, “Our First Wedding Anniversary”!!! We left office early by 4.30... On our way back we saw a granny lying on the middle of the road (had lost her memory, knew only TelguJ), we passed her and few miles away, Prateek out of curiosity to help asked “Should we go back and check what’s her problem” These days due to fear of forgery robbery we don’t take a step to help even the genuine cases too, but on that day we thought let’s check and see so took U turn and to the place she was lying, requested her to come on road side as it was a heavy traffic area. Called Emergency Helpline No. 108 to seek help with ambulance or police... Called few organisations working with Elderly to check if they could help or could guide on further process... People called and assisted in various ways (Be it Helpline or Om Ashram or iVolunteer or Dignity Foundation or Home of Hope or Nightingales Medical Trust) In nutshell got to know the process on how to help a discarded elderly on road today... Emergency helpline 108 and thru them got connected to Police and finally the “U” turn and 3 hours stay on road in trying to get her on side of road every 5 mins her paid off!!! Within those 3 hours also met few true social workers the people staying in neighbouring houses... We had a paratha in our car, neighbours came and gave her water and coffee and a gunny bag to sit... After some couple of calls we got to know the right Police Station under whose jurisdiction this case would come. As we were not aware of right area name and we knew that it was called Sarjapur road. Finally we got right address from neighbours and got to know it is after Kodati gate place is Sulakunte and is close to DPS school Dommasandra... Gave this info to 108 and finally this came under Varthur Police Station. We reached to them (Narasimaiah) through 108 itself... Within half an hour 2 Policemen Praveen and Sreerama reached on Cheetah bike enquired with her in Telgu, spoke to people passing by, called Police jeep and put her in it and assured us that they would make her reach her home or a old age home safely. We left the place for dinner and meanwhile got a call from both Police officers who updated us and said she reached her home in a place few kms away and is now with her Grandson Arjun... We crib a lot about the Police Department but today I wanna sincerely Thank to Police department for their dedication + Emergency Helpline 108 + Dairy Owner who gave her water and coffee + few others who got water + a man who told us right address + the person who helped police identify her village and gave clue where she was from + Prateek who took that step to go and help her and turned his vehicle backJ Nearby people who were observing us (infact some 4 including Dairy Uncle who had left for some work and found us when they were back after their work completion) and Police appreciated us for making some 20-25 calls and being there and ensuring she is safe in midst of heavy traffic...

Smiles & Warm regards,

Prarthana Unkalkar Kaul

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